We are fueled by creativity and culture. We are AKASHIK.


Established in 2013 by award-winning 1st Tamizh-English female Hip Hop artiste and songwriter Lady Kash, AKASHIK is a new-age independent record label and multi-faceted creative house from Singapore. 


An entrepreneurial venture, we act as an all-encompassing entity with a passion for independent music and culture where authenticity and art thrive. With the core being Hip Hop, our mission is to operate on the pillars of creativity, collaborations and breaking the status quo.


To create without labels and limits, while fostering collaborations, arts and culture. By doing so, we aim to inspire authentic living and fulfilling experiences. At AKASHIK, we cultivate a space where only possibilities exist and challenges are conquered. We aim to become a globally recognized brand that has the interest of the human spirit and our earth, at heart.